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Jun. 2014


Awarded E-Trade Frontier by Governor of Gyeonggi Province.
Dec. 2013


Awarded USD 5 million Export Tower from KITA, Korea.
Jun. 2013


Acquired GOST-R certificate for all 21 models.
May. 2013


Awarded Promising Export Firm by Business Adminstration.
Apr. 2013


Participated at BAUMA in Munich, Germany.
Nov. 2012


Participated at BAUMA in Shanghai, China.
May. 2012


Participated at CONBUILD in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Opened oversea sales office in Siheung City, Gyeonggi Province.
Apr. 2012


Participated at INTERMAT in paris, France.
Started exporting hydraulic attachments to North America and South America.
Dec. 2011


Awarded USD 3 million Export Tower from KITA, Korea.
Apr. 2011


AJCE EUROPE established in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Fully operational with warehouse, office and staff.
Dec. 2010


Acquired CE certificate for all 21 models.
Jan. 2009


Opened warehouse in Yantai, China.
Sep. 2008


Started to export to Mid-East, South East Asia, Oceania.
Aug. 2006


Developed full line of hydraulic breakers from 1 to 60 ton class.
Introduced three different bracket types : side, top and box type.
Feb. 2000


Changed to incorporated company "AJ Construction Equipment Co.,Ltd."
Nov. 1998



Started assembling main body for 5~50 ton class hydraulic breakers.
Supplying complete main bodies under OEM conditions to many different companies
in Korea and other countries.
Sep. 1997


Moved to new factory in Gyeonggi Province with total staff of twelve people.
Dec. 1996


Awarded "ZERO DEFECT" award by SOOSAN.
May. 1993



Moved to new factory in Gocheck-dong with total staff of seven people.
Started manufacturing major components for hydraulic breakers.
Cylinder, piston, front head, back head, through bolt etc.
Mar. 1991


Started manufacturing minor components for hydraulic breakers.
Front cover, thrust bush, valve adjusters etc.
Feb. 1990


Established "AJIN PRECISION" in Seoul by two persons.
Started manufacturing control valves for construction equipments .
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